Disease Epidemiology Courses

    Our courses explains how and why infectious diseases emerge and spread among different populations, and what strategies can prevent or contain the spread of disease at the population level.


    Principles of Infectious Disease

    Our students also learn statistical methods to analyze data and explore disease transmission systems, and evidence-based approaches to preventing or containing disease transmission. 

    Advanced Epidemiologic Methods

    This course will introduce and illustrate advanced epidemiologic concepts, study designs, and statistical methods commonly used in the analysis of epidemiologic data.  

    Our Courses

    Infectious Diseases [Bundled Course]

    This course is the complete course with Modules 1 - 3. This training program was conceived to equip individuals, families, population or groups to handle individuals who have been diagnosed to have infectious diseases.


    How Infectious Diseases Transmitted and Spread?

    General concepts of the infectious process, categories and definition of related terms and discussion of the cycle of infection and the transmission process.


    How to Identify Individuals with Infectious Disease?

    Thorough discussion on the key parameters of assessment and factors to be considered in factious process.


    Ways to Control and Prevent Infectious Disease

    Different stages of the infectious process, corresponding management and care as well as preventive measures in cross contamination