Nursing Courses

    Our courses provides essential tools for success in professional nursing. Foundational proficiencies in medical math and professional writing are explored. Opportunities and options for advancement in nursing practice, as well as exploration of nursing specialties are identified.


    Fundamentals of Nursing Practice

    Introduces theories, principles and concepts relative to basic fundamental nursing practice. Students utilize concepts and content taught in the arts and sciences, including health assessment, to begin developing critical thinking skills and nursing care planning in accordance with the nursing process.

    Future Growth Development

    We are dedicated to academic excellence. We incorporate quality and safety for nursing education concepts into theory and clinical instruction to prepare graduate nurses and healthcare practitioners for transition to practice as a member of the interdisciplinary health care team.

    Our Courses

    HCT First Aid Training: Build Your Life Saving Confidence

    Become a locally certified first aider with HCT Academy! Be equipped to respond in any medical emergency by enrolling in our online training.


    Understanding the Basics of Joint Commission: International Patient Safety Goals

    Become a confidently skilled healthcare worker with a heart! Learn about the International Patient Safety Goals (based on Joint Commission International standards) and master the art (and science) of patient care.


    Read ECG as Simple as ABC

    Gain the skills needed to provide quality care for patients under cardiac monitoring! Learn to read various rhythms and have extensive knowledge of the cardiovascular system with our ECG 101 course.


    Get advanced knowledge about Pediatric First Aid

    When you take care of your children, you take care of the future. Acquire the needed skills needed to do just that! Knowing what to do when a medical emergency happens to the little ones is a must have for any parent or child supervisor.


    Get the Wound Healing! Here's How to do it.

    Why wait for time to heal wounds when you can? Learn how to properly carry out treatment procedures for chronic and acute wounds in this online course.


    How to be the Best Emergency Medical Responder and Get Hired Abroad

    It's always a great day to save lives. Become the ideal Emergency Medical Responder! This course is online and self-paced.


    Beginners Guide: Self-Learning Biotechnology

    Your daily lives can be redefined by understanding life and technology. Learn and understand key biological processes that make our lives easier. Also, learn how biotechnology affects our current situation and how it can help us survive the odds.


    JCI Accreditation Participation Requirements (APR)

    This course will provide an overview of each requirement necessary for the Joint Commission International of JCI accreditation for hospitals. It will acclimatize students to the importance of JCI accreditation and its goals to develop standards that will uphold the highest level of safety and the highest quality service possible.