Statistics and Data Analysis Simplified

    Our courses will teach you the core building blocks of statistical analysis - types of variables, common distributions, hypothesis testing. More than that, it will enable you to take a data set you've never seen before, describe its keys features, get to know its strengths and quirks, run some vital basic analyses and then formulate and test hypotheses based on means and proportions. 


    Familiarity to Statistics and Data Analysis

    Defend the critical role of statistics in modern research and practice.

    What you will learn

    The learners are expected to understand and apply statistical concepts, analyze and interpret various types of data.

    Our Courses

    Basic Statistics Made Easy

    Learn the levels of measurement to determine the appropriate statistical technique to use.


    Insider's Guide: Learning statistics when you're short on time finishing a thesis or research paper

    The toughest part of doing a thesis or research is calculating and analyzing data. Get this insider's guide and learn the basic skills in statistics in less than 2 hours.