Basic Physical Assessment Skills

    Basic Physical Assessment Skills

    The course aims to provide a learning experience in a structured environment for the trainee to achieve the knowledge, skills and attitude essential in the assumption of the role of a competent, skillful and caring nurse practitioner during physical assessment.
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    Course Details

    This is course is designed to provide a comprehensive coverage of the essential nursing principles in physical assessment. It also aims to enhance learner’s knowledge of the different techniques used in health assessment including inspection, palpation, percussion & auscultation. It deals with step-by-step procedures and duties of nurse practitioners in physical assessment of their patients.


    • Course Type: Self paced e-learning course through our learning management system.
    • Duration: Learn on your own time and schedule.
    • Requirements: No previous training is required.


    What You'll Learn

    Objectives for this Course: At the end of the training, the trainee will be able to: 

    I. Understand the importance of physical assessment in nursing practice.

    II. Demonstrate proficiency in various health assessment techniques.


    • Unlimited access to the course through our dashboard log-in
    • Copy of learning materials used in the videos (through log-in)
    • Certificate of Completion from HCT Academy will be sent after completion of the course