Basic Statistics Made Easy

    Basic Statistics Made Easy

    Learn the levels of measurement to determine the appropriate statistical technique to use.
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    Course Details

    Basic statistics is essential to understand research in health sciences. In this course you will learn the basics of statistics; not just how to calculate them, but also how to analyze them. This course is intended for health professionals and students enrolled in Master’s and Doctorate Courses.


    • Course Type: Self paced E-Learning course through our learning management system
    • Duration: Self-paced learning - learn on your own time and schedule
    • Requirements: Students with limited a limited mathematical background but for whom a working knowledge is indispensable


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    What You'll Learn

    • The definition and benefits of Statistics in health care will be discussed in the first part of the course
    • Knowledge on statistical terms such as variables, and types of variables
    • The participants will be able to distinguish clearly between Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
    • Learn the levels of measurement to help you determine what statistical technique is appropriate to use
    • The second part of the course will discuss the two main sources of data
    • Learn to distinguish between population and sample
    • How samples are selected using different sampling methods
    • Construct and analyze frequency and percentage and distinguish between categorical and grouped frequency distribution
    • Learn how you can compute measures of central tendency (mean, median and mode) and dispersion (range, standard deviation and variance)


    • This is a program is an introductory course in basic Statistics composed of online didactics through our self-paced learning management system. It deals with the concepts, principles , and methods of statistics in as clear and understandable manner as possible
    • The learners are expected to understand and apply statistical concepts, analyze and interpret various types of data.

    Course Content

    Module 1 - Statistics and level of measurements

    Module 2 - Population and Sample


    • Unlimited access to the course through our dashboard log-in
    • Copy of learning materials used in the videos (through log-in)
    • Certificate of Completion from HCT Academy will be sent after completion of the course

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