Read ECG as Simple as ABC

    Read ECG as Simple as ABC

    Learn the simple steps on how to interpret ECG. This is a simple guide to have extensive knowledge of the electrocardiogram.
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    Course Details

    Gain the skills needed to provide quality care for patients under cardiac monitoring! Learn to read various rhythms and have extensive knowledge of the cardiovascular system with our ECG 101 course.


    • Course Type: Self paced E-Learning course through our learning management system
    • Duration: Self-paced learning - learn on your own time and schedule
    • Requirements: An undergraduate degree in any healthcare related is required.


    After your payment is confirmed, you will receive an automated email with unlimited access to the course through our Learning Management System


    What You'll Learn

    Participants will appreciate the importance of the electrocardiogram as a diagnostic tool; identify the role of the clinician, and learn the synergy between the clinician and the ECG monitoring.The course shall discuss the heart: its structures and functions, blood supply and circulation in the heart, and the electrophysiology and cardiac cycle.
    Learn to identify the components of the ECG monitoring system; the ECG leads, analysis of the ECG rhythms and in monitoring patients with ECG procedure.Different cardiac rhythms will be discussed: sinus rhythms, atrial rhythms and ventricular rhythms.
    The different junctional rhythms will be tackled as well: 
    premature, junctional escape, accelerated junctional, and junctional tachycardia.
    Learn more about the types of AV blocks: first degree, second degree, and third degree blocks


    This course will give the healthcare provider the knowledge and skills necessary to adequately care patients under cardiac monitoring. In addition to learning to read the various rhythms, the student will also gain an understanding of the pathophysiology behind each dysrhythmia. Our updated curriculum involves a discussion of cardiovascular anatomy and physiology, a systematic approach to interpreting cardiac rhythms, 
    and the latest treatment for each rhythm.


    Course Content

    Module 1 - ECG: A Useful Tool (12 mins)

    Module 2 - Cardiac Anatomy and Physiology (33 mins)

    Module 3 - ECG Monitoring Systems (48 mins)

    Module 4 - Cardiac Rhythms (1 hr 12 mins)

    Module 5 - Junctional Rhythms (1 hr 18 mins)


    • Unlimited access to the course through our dashboard log-in
    • Copy of learning materials used in the videos (through log-in)
    • Certificate of Completion from HCT Academy will be sent after completion of the course

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