Infectious Diseases [Bundled Course]

    Infectious Diseases [Bundled Course]

    Get a comprehensive knowledge about infectious diseases in 1 day.
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    Course Details

    Learning about infectious diseases is relevant now more than ever. The general public from different walks of life will surely benefit from the course. Spread knowledge, stop the spread!


    • Course Type: Self paced E-Learning course through our learning management system
    • Duration: Self-paced learning - learn on your own time and schedule
    • Requirements: No previous training is required.


    What You'll Learn

    General concepts of the infectious process, categories and definition of related termsThorough discussion on the key parameters of assessment and factors to be considered in factious process
    Discussion of the cycle of infection and the transmission processDifferent stages of the infectious process, corresponding management and care as well as preventive measures in cross contamination


    This course is the complete course with Modules 1 - 3. This training program was conceived to equip individuals, families, population or groups to handle individuals who have been diagnosed to have infectious diseases or have probable exposure to infection (as in the case of frontliners), as they transition back to their families, communities and / or work area without discrimination and fear of exposure.



    Course Content

    Module 1 - Overview of Infectious Diseases (2 hr 23 mins)

    Module 2 - Identifying Individuals with Infectious Diseases (1 hr 53 mins)

    Module 3 - Infection Control and Spread Prevention (3 hr 21 mins)


    • Unlimited access to the course through our dashboard log-in
    • Copy of learning materials used in the videos (through log-in)
    • Certificate of Completion from HCT Academy will be sent after completion of the course

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