Nutrition Counselling and Consultation

    Nutrition Counselling and Consultation

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    Nutrition Counselling and Consultation Details

    Our goal is to assess your individual nutrition needs to provide education including practical tips to meet your nutrition needs to promote your body's potential towards health, wellness and disease prevention.


    Platform: Consultation through Zoom video call. You will receive an assessment form to be submitted to us to know your preferred date and 3 days before your consultation you will receive an email for your zoom link. 



    1. Nutrition Counselling

    1.1.  Weight Loss Diet

    1.2. Child Nutrition

    1.3. Optimal Birth Outcome


    2. Dietary Therapy Consultation

    2.1. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

    2.2. Metabolic Syndrome (diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, high uric acid)

    2.3. Autoimmune diseases 

    2.4 Digestive health (acid reflux, bloating, IBS)


    Session 1:

    • Through Nutrition Assessment
    • Meal Guidance


    Session 2:

    • Modifications in current diet
    • Diet Assessment