Principles in Nursing Operating Room and Aseptic Techniques

    Principles in Nursing Operating Room and Aseptic Techniques

    This is a competency-based program designed to provide a comprehensive coverage of the essential principles in Operating Room Nursing and Aseptic Technique. This course is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your role as an OR nurse, part of the surgical team and the importance of communication, teamwork & patient safety. This will supply you with an in-depth understanding of septic technique which is essential for preventing infections & maintaining a sterile field during surgical procedures.
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    Course Details

    The course aims to provide a learning experience in a structured environment for the trainee to achieve the knowledge, skills and attitude essential in the assumption of the role of a competent, skillful and caring nurse practitioner at the operating room.


    • Course Type: Self paced E-Learning course through our learning management system
    • Duration: Self-paced learning - learn on your own time and schedule
    • Requirements: No previous training is required.


    What You'll Learn

    At the end of the training, the trainee will be able to: 

    I. Define Perioperative Nursing 

    II. Describe the roles of a Perioperative Nurse 

    III. Develop effective communication skills in delivering patient care and proper collaboration with the rest of the surgical team members 

    IV. Identify the different international practices and protocols reflective of current practice to help prepare the patient for surgery 

    V. Apply the principles of aseptic techniques to specific OR scenarios 

    VI. Utilize critical thinking as an effective approach in handling simple to complex scenarios related to patient care to ensure patient safety in the operating room 

    VII. Appreciate importance of the nurse’s dynamic role in specialized OR setting 


    • Unlimited access to the course through our dashboard log-in
    • Copy of learning materials used in the videos (through log-in)
    • Certificate of Completion from HCT Academy will be sent after completion of the course